Monday, May 23, 2011

Flower Pot Loveliness

I have been so busy lately that I hadn't potted flowers on my front porch.  I came home everyday to these:

 yucky dead plants!  They don't make me so happy!
The polka-dot pot is happy, but not so much what is in it!

So, Saturday after a long hard day of work - I decided that while I was grocery shopping I should pick up some flowers and some fresh potting soil.

Now my pots look like this!
 Excuse the broken pot - it is a mystery how I came home one day and it was broken - I am guessing my neighbor kids had something to do with it!
Now my polka-dot pot is filled with lovely flowers!!

I never spend much money on my flowers - I sometimes forget to water them so, I don't want to feel too bad when they is going to happen, but until then I get to come home to these lovely bits of color on my porch!!

I am linking up over at Life Made Lovely today!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Graduation Weekend

This weekend was full of graduations!  There are some years where I don't know anyone graduating - then there are they years were I know lots.  This year I knew 5 people graduating, but only had 3 actual graduations to attend.  As I told you in a post last week - I skipped one of them.  The other 2 were at the exact same time, but in cities that are 45 minutes apart.  My cousin graduating from high school won out over my friends graduating from college.  

The graduation I skipped this last week was for the twins I babysat all through college.  Their graduation was on a Wednesday evening, but the party was Friday night - that I made it to!

They were 9 months old when I first met them!
That was almost 18 years ago!  Man they make me feel old!
It made me feel so great when they introduced me to their friends and told them that they used to have so many good times with me!  I love them and I am so proud of them!  We have plans to get together this summer before Reiley leaves for Arizona State and Allegra leaves for the Marine Corp.
Good luck, girls!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Recipe

Hey all!

It's been a crazy work - I have been working overtime again.  Then there is always something else that has to be done when I get home - Monday night that something was socializing at a ball game, Tuesday night was socializing with my niece and nephew, grocery shopping and socializing with my dear friends Terra and Sonia.  Sonia just back from 4 months in Spain.  I can't wait to hear more of her stories.  Tonight I could have been at a graduation or a ball game.  I decided not to go sit through the graduation and the ball game got rained out so, I get to spend some time at home!  yeah!!

We had a pot luck at work today and I made Chicken Enchiladas in my crock pot.  I got rave reviews and decided to share the recipe with you too!  I usually have pictures of the process, but didn't even think about my camera at 6:30 AM when I was putting everything together.

Here you go:

2 cups cooked chicken, chopped.  (I used 2 cans of chicken that you find with the tuna)
2 10 oz cans red enchilada sauce
2 10 oz cans cream of chicken soup
2 cans Mexian style kidney beans
12 corn tortillas cut or ripped up into smaller pieces
shredded cheese

Mix chicken, kidney beans and cream of chicken soup.

spray bottom of crock pot with non-stick cooking spray
pour 1/2 can of enchilada sauce on bottom
place layer of tortillas on top of the sauce
spread part of chicken mix on top of tortillas
sprinkle with cheese
repeat layers
top with tortillas, enchilada sauce, and cheese.

Cook on low for 4 hours.

Super Easy, Super Yummy!!

Hope you had a great day!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Complete Randomness

I really haven't meant to be a once a week blogger, but it seems like that is what has been going on lately.  

I did not work any overtime last week - I took a week for myself.  I even took a day off and spent it with my littlest niece.  I was completely convinced that my sister lied to me about her usual schedule because the child did everything opposite - guess she wanted to keep her auntie on her toes!  


I got a Mother's Day present today.  As most of you know, I am not a mother.  I was completely surprised this last week with an e-mail from a friend saying that her adorable boys had adopted me as their auntie!  They make Mother's Day presents for their grandmas and aunties and they told their mom they needed to make one for me because I help them to feel loved and protected.  How sweet is that!?!  They delivered plants to me at a ball game tonight and made sure to tell me that I need to water them everyday.  

Several weeks ago a different friend told me that during their nightly devotions with their kiddos that the boys asked them who would take care of them if their parents died.  They named their families and the boys asked what if all of those people died and so, they started listing their friends who they would go live with and the boys told their parents that I would make sure they were taken care of.

These situations make me realize how impressionable adults are on children.  These boys obviously have learned that I care for them and would protect and love them without me ever saying it to them.  It makes me really realize that it is so important to be a good Christian woman - to watch what I say and how I act - you never know who may be watching and learning from what I do.  


I am starting the 17 day diet that the TV show The Doctors recommend.  There are four 17 day cycles.  The first cycle is Accelerate - it promotes fast weight loss by eating low carbs and "cleansing" the body.  I certainly am going to try my best to follow this as closely as possible.  They also recommend exercising at least 17 minutes a day.  This is going  to be the tough part for me - I am not a morning person and am pooped by the time I get home in the evening.

Wish me luck!


I have other things that have been on my mind lately, but I will wait and share these with you later this week.

Hope you have a great week!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ten on Ten

So usually I do a list of 10 things for you.  Today, I give you 10 random pictures from my day:

Way too hot for 7:30 AM!

 My mini-fridge on my desk.

 My "vintage" pen holder
 My break/lunch reading material

 My favorite people - makes me smile!
**for those wondering - no I am not a Jimmie Johnson fan - this was
a practical joke from my former boss.

My beautiful floral tissue box.

 AH - love my green tea from Starbucks

View on my drive home - tried to capture the orange construction cones, but I kept missing them.

This guy helps to scare the birds away so they don't poop all over my vehicle!  

My evening project - wrapping yarn around this wreath....I have another wreath order to fill!

So, now you spent the day with me - exciting huh!?!  

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am still here...

I haven't blogged for over a week!

I hosted Easter with my family last weekend.

Here I am with my 3 favorite people!

We had a great time together. 


It's been a crazy busy week.  I have put in extra hours at work.  By the time I get home in the evenings I am pooped and I don't get much done.   My house showed it so, today I spent most the day finished up an overdue project, cleaning and doing laundry.  Not all of the cleaning is finished, but things look a whole lot better than they did before.  I also managed to give myself a pedicure.  I am going to plan a whole spa day for myself soon!!  I think I deserve it!  You do too!!


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