Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ETC Friends

We were 4, then we were 3, and now we are 2!
Let's hope we don't go to 1!

I shouldn't whine too much - we will be back up to 3 in about six weeks!
First MN decided to move to TX - guess she wanted to be closer to family and to the beach and I honestly don't blame her.  I don't live further than an hour from any member of my family and I can't imagine being 16 hours away.  I am at least that far from the beach, but since I didn't grow up with it I don't miss it - well, that's not entirely true - I do miss it!!

That takes us to 3 - that is until # 3 (TW) decided that she needed to spend 6 weeks in Germany with the man she met there last year while studying abroad!  Guess I don't blame her either for leaving her girlfriends to spend time with her boyfriend!

So, now we are at 2 and well, I would tell SB not to leave me, but I just remember that she is going to!!  For 2 weeks the 4 that went to 3 that went to 2 will become 1!  I guess I don't blame her either - she is going to Mexico to visit family.   I would go to if I could!

So, guess it is my turn - I need to go on vacation as well.  Too bad that doesn't seem to be as easy as it sounds!  I wish I didn't have to plan my schedule around the schedule of others, but hey I guess that is life - you win some and you lose some! 

Monday, June 14, 2010

My sister's having a baby!

This past Sunday my sister's friends threw her a baby shower.   I helped...a little.  I made the punch!  It was a great afternoon and my soon-to-be niece Tennessee got a lot of cute clothes!  Of course we played shower are a few pictures of the ladies trying to guess how big Barb's tummy is using toilet paper.
A rare picture of RW - she is usually the one behind the camera.

I love this picture - this is her mother-in-law and I love the happiness
in both of their faces!

Some of the great gifts for Tennessee!

Congrats, sis!  Can't wait until August!
Oh and I meant what I said in my advice for caring for your
newborn - she needs to visit her Aunt Margo lots!!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Evening at the Lake

Two of my good friends and I decided to head to the lake just to hang out.  The sunset was amazing and the conversation was just as good.  I think I did most of the talking so, I am thankful for good friends with good listening ears!  There is just one problem with the evening - we were missing one of our friends.  You see we are 4 peas in a pod or 4 ducks on the lake, but last night there were only 3 of us!  : (  We miss you our dear friend, Moraima!  We sure hope that you come back for a visit soon - actually we wouldn't mind if you decided to move back! 


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting O-L-D stinks!!

Okay - so it's not so much my age that really bothers me, but it's the things that happen to my body at my age that disturb me!  Five years ago I turned 30 - didn't bother me - didn't go through a crisis!  Then came 31- again, didn't bother me, but then wait - I look in the mirror one morning - what is that no, it can't be, yes, yes, it is- it's GRAY HAIR!!  So, my oh, so kind friends telling me they can't see it and that is just looks like highlights since I am blonde, but guess what I see it!  So, hence the coloring of the hair.

So, a few years go by - nothing good - not getting so old!  Then comes 35 - holy crap I get adult acne worse than what I had when I was a teen.   Are you kidding me??  It's so bad that my sister thinks that I have a bad rash on my forehead!  So, I figure out the best cleansing routine and I get that under control - good.  Then several months ago I realize I have a freaking mustache!  What the heck??  I start trimming it because I knew not to shave it and I have heard these old wives tales that if I waxed it it would come back thicker and darker.  ugh - what to do?  It just keeps growing and I keep trimming and then I realize I am getting hair on the rest of my face - a beard?  Are you kidding me!?!  So, I researched it - waxing that is and tonight on my way home I buy a home waxing kit for $1.99 at Walgreen's.  I am so excited because it is usually $5.99, but it was on sale and I had a coupon!  So, I did it I waxed my face!  OUCH - it was a little painful and now my upper lip is a bit on the red side, but I got rid of so much hair and it was worth it! 

Guess I will just sit back and wait and see what happens next....growing old sucks!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I love Vintage Things

These came from my Grandma on my mom's side - they were once hot pads
 now they grace the wall in my kitchen!

This beautiful green brooch came from my grandmother on my dad's side.
For now I just look at it on my
my dresser - I may get the nerve up to wear it one day!


This vintage party purse game from my grandma on my mom's side -
she never used it - it still has the tag on it from Gibson's.
 It graces my bedroom wall above my bed.
Not sure I will ever use it, but I love to look at it!

Vintage party dishes!  Love them - one of my favorite finds
from the Etc. shop in Newton. 

I love my vintage treasure hunts!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Holt Wedding Weekend
Chuck & Barb got marriend on Friday, June 4
We had a reception for them on Saturday, June 5 - It was flippin' hot this weekend -
temps were around 100 degrees and we did a lot of sweating, but it was fun and we got
to spend some good times with family and friends.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My sister is getting married next weekend....I am so excited for her and
I am excited to gain a brother-in-law!

Essential reception items - good cake and good mints!
I don't do cake, but I learned to do mints!

Start with these things:
With a lot of mixing and help from your family you get these:

These are amazing mints - made with nothing more than cream cheese, powdered sugar,
 peppermint extract and a little bit of food coloring!  Heathly huh? 
I think it might be a little dangerous that there are about 500 of these in my freezer!
Hope there are still that many when it is time for the reception on Saturday!


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