Thursday, September 30, 2010

too MANY crafts - too LITTLE time

These buttons came from my grandma - I have had them for years
and finally decided to remove them from the box
under my bed and put them in a Ball Jar on my end table.

I can't wait to do something fun and creative with them -
there were some really cool ones!!

I found this free template to make these cool pebbles here
They were using it as a take home jar, but I made them into magnets...

I bought fabric at the Etc Shop a few weeks ago - great prices!
I just can't seem to decide what to do with it!  Any ideas??

I got all of the above for 50 cents!!

I am going to use this tile to make coasters - maybe not with this fabric,
but I just love it!

I am going to make journals out of the notebooks and make clothespin magnets.  I covered some in ribbon - you can see those below - I may add some embellishments to them yet  - they are still a work in progress.

I would love to hear your craft ideas!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Crazy Love

I have been reading the book - Crazy Love - Overwhelmed by a Relentless God by Francis Chan.  There are four other ladies that are reading it with me and we get together every other week to discuss what we've read. 

The book is really good so far and it has raised some good questions and has given us some good discussions.  It has also made me stop and think about my faith and my walk with Christ.  One of the questions we pondered this week was whether or not we could be "all in" for God?  Could you, would you completely trust in God and follow wherever he lead?  If Jesus came up to you and said, "drop everything and come, follow me" could you do as the disciples did and follow?  I don't think that many of us could or would.  We tend to want to control every aspect of our lives rather than letting God take control and lead.  I know I sure like to be the one in control.  There are times though when I have let go and let God take the reigns and it is so amazing, but yet I can't do that fully all of the time. 

The last chapter that I've read is titled Profile of the Lukewarm.  It talks about lukewarm Christians.  After reading that chapter I didn't feel all warm and fuzzy - I felt like I wasn't a very good Christian.  This chapter gave a ton of scenarios on what it meant to be a lukewarm Christian - I would read one and think to myself - that's not me - I am good.  Then the next scenario would come along and I would think - oh man that is me and I wouldn't feel so great anymore.  This went on through the entire chapter.  So, where does that leave me?  Well, I am going to say that I am probably a lukewarm Christian half to most of the time.  So, what am I going to do about it?  I am going to start to try to be more Christ-like in my words and actions.

If you haven't read this book before I suggest that you start.  I look forward to the rest of what God has to teach me through it!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blough Brownies

I got this brownie recipe from a friend a couple of years ago and it has become a favorite.  My co-workers absolutely love them and there are many, many combinations that you can use.

Start with these things:

Combine the cake mix, egg, oil and water and stir together, but not all the way - they should look like this:
Then add the chips - I use about half a bag of each

Finish mixing together - it makes a really thick batter.

Put in a greased 9 x 13 pan and press them into the pan

Bake for 18 minutes and this is what you get...


These are absolutely the best brownies ever!  There are lots of combinations.  For this recipe I used a white cake mix, butterscotch chips and chocolate chunks.  The original recipe was a German Chocolate Cake mix, Andes mint chips and Chocolate Chunks.  I have also used a White cake mix with Peanut Butter chips and Chocolate Chunks.  Endless possibilities and so easy!!   I posted the recipe for you on the Recipe page.

Let me know if you come up with a great combination!  Enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Favorites...

I am a purse-aholic!  I absolutely love purses and sometimes I think I have too many. 
 I have corrupted my 5 year old niece - she too is a purse-aholic and
my sister absolutely loves when I decided to clean out my purse collection!

Shoes - a woman can never have too many right!?!

I love ice cream!  I have lots of memories of eating ice cream growing up.
At family gatherings my uncles cranked their homemade ice cream makers
for hours - oh we always said we would help, but we never lasted very long!
My grandparents ALWAYS had ice cream on hand for whenever we came over!

Korrine - my first niece- she has always had my heart and I love teaching her all about life!
I have taught her about purses, shoes, NASCAR and God.   I love have her over for
sleepovers and while she takes up most of bed and she grinds her teeth and talks to me in her sleep
I wouldn't trade those memories and morning pillow fights for anything!

John - my first nephew!  Oh my is he full of energy and silliness!  I love that he has always called me Aunt Go-Go and I am a little sad that he has started calling me Margo in the last few days!  I love his hugs
and I love that he runs to me and jumps in my lap every time he sees me!

Tennessee - my newest niece!  Oh how cute she is!!  So, lovable and adorable and I can't
wait to spend lots of time with her and teach her lots of things!

These are just a few of my most favorite things!

What are yours?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I don't pray nearly as often as I should, but it is something that I am working on.  I am a work in progress...aren't we all?

I have been reading a blog from a woman here in town - a blog recommended by a friend.  It has inspired me to read a new book and most recently it has inspired me to think about more than my little world right here.  Recently there was a post about donating vitamins to children in Africa - it talked about how these children often only get one egg a week as a source of protein and that along with this egg they get a vitamin.  They are asking for more vitamins because they are all out. 

I of course headed to the store to buy vitamins!  But it also broke my heart....I just kept thinking about how blessed I really am as I sit in my house with all of my things.  I can't imagine living in a world where your only source of protein comes from the one egg you get a week, but hey guess what - I/we do live in that world!  It's just that it's not on my radar - well, until now. 

I had a really long time in prayer that night - I prayed that God would help me see Him more everyday in my life and to be aware of the needs of others.  I prayed that He would use me in whatever ways He wanted to.  Guess what?  I now have thoughts of doing a short terms missions trip next year to Africa.  Just saying blogging that scares me.  That was one of my biggest fears years ago that I would say "God, use me.  Use me where you want." and Him saying - I am sending you to Africa.  I don't know if that is really what He is saying to me right now or not, but I am listening and I am praying and if that is where He wants me then, that is where I will go. 

Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me"  Matthew 16:24

Monday, September 13, 2010

So much to be thankful for....

Love, Love, Love these kids - Korrine, John, and Tennessee!!
This weekend Tennessee got to have her first sleepover at Aunt Go-Go's house!
Korrine and I snuggled in bed and had a pillow fight when we woke up.  After showers we ventured upstairs to find Aunt Barb and T asleep on the couch and we woke them up on accident.  We didn't want them to miss Micky Mouse pancakes!!

Then in the afternoon the rest of the family minus my two brothers-in-law celebrated Korrine & John's birthdays.  Last year Korrine got a Barbie birthday cake so this year, John got a Cars birthday cake.

I was also blessed this weekend to have my father surprise me by mowing and cleaning up my yard - how awesome is that!?!  I will do yard work, but there are other things I would rather do with my time.   How nice it was not to have to do it and my duplex mate appreciated it as well!

What are you thankful for?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tips for Hair removal .... Nad's... by GloZell

Sometimes you just need a good laugh - this video helps!   It just cracks me up!

Hope you got a good laugh out of it too!  You will have to check out
her other videos on youtube!


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